Insulation saves energy and money. Insulating both walls and attic can save a household a significant amount in heating costs: your attic, 25% per year and your walls 35% per year. This saving will replay your investment in 2-3 years. 


Not only does it make your home warmer in winter, it also helps keep it cooler in summer. This is because insulation holds the inside temperature of your home – warm in winter and cool in summer and slows the outside temperature from affecting your house. This also means, of course, that you do not need to have the heating on as much during the colder months. Great news for both the environment and your purse!


Grants Available for Insulation

There are a number of government cash grants available if you're thinking about insulating your home:


Attic Insulation €200

Wall Insulation - Cavity €250


Wall Insulation - Internal Dry Lining

Apartment (any) OR Mid-Terrace House €900

Semi-detached or End of Terrace €1,350

Detached House €1,800


Wall Insulation - External

Apartment (any) OR Mid- terrace House €1,800

Semi-detached or End of Terrace €2,700

Detached House €3,600